Eight essential steps to sorting your home

1- Find a partner

Whether that be your other half, your kids, your best friends or even your neighbours. Whoever you think is going to help you best with getting the job done- pick them! However, if you’re more of a lone worker and like to be in full control of everything that is happening, might I suggest a podcast of some sort? This might just help in preventing your brain from getting utterly overwhelmed by the sight of the mess which is about to lay before you. 

2- Back to front- top to bottom

There’s nothing worse than when you mop at the door of the kitchen and to the back- then have to step your feet through the clean floor to get back out of the kitchen to leave the floors to dry- you end up wagging the moo behind you and your feet are drenched in bleach. If only you had gone back to the front.

The same applies when you spring clean your home- think of the mopping dilemma and implement that into your cleaning strategy. Let’s say something comes up halfway through and you have to rush out but you don’t want to run havoc through places you have already organised and cleaned- decide your strategy from this scenario. 

3- Recycle or reuse?

It’s easy to get the throw-away bug when you are cleaning and re-organising your space. It doesn’t take long before you are throwing out any old piece of furniture, clothes and almost everything stored in the attic. However, before you get way ahead of yourself and decide to replace every item in your home with something brand new, consider different things you can do with items in your home.

For example:

Clothes: These can be recycled by M60 Skip hire. Sold on websites. Donated to charities.

Furniture: M60 skip hire can recycle furniture. You can up-cycle furniture. 

Attic: Be mindful of those sentimental things you have stored away. During your cleaning adrenaline, this might be forgotten or dismissed- but once it wares off you might find yourself feeling slightly regretful. Recycle what you don’t need into your skip and be mindful whilst you do so! 

4- Declutter first!

The last thing you want to be dealing with in your big home transformation and clear out is the wrappers from last night’s snacks and the dishes from lunchtime.

Make sure you get the basics sorted first, and have a little tidy-up so you can start with- for lack of a more appropriate phrase- a clean slate. 

Declutter the easy parts so you can focus your attention on the heavy-duty work.

5- PPE- protect yourself!

You might think this is a silly request. However, it is completely valid. It is important. You never know what you will come across- heavy lifting, creepy crawlies in the dark corners, excessive dust from 20-year-old books you forgot existed- be prepared to tackle your home! 

Here’s an idea for some equipment you might find useful:

Face masks – Although they might trigger Covid PTSD, they’re essential.

Glasses – No, the cute fashionable ones from Ray-ban, the science class goggles. This isn’t a fashion show, this is serious work now.

Knee pads- This is more for people who have a crawl space or a low-roof attic.

Gloves- Everyone. Must. Have. Gloves. When lifting items from the house to your skip, protect yourself from splinters, bits of scrap metal, broken glass and so on. Wear gloves. Please

7- One room at a time- don't overload yourself

The most effective and efficient way of organising and staying on track? … Lists! 

You have a few options here- 

You can write your own, of course. Or, you can go on Pinterest and find carefully put-together spring clean checklists. There are a variety of options so you can choose whichever best suits you. It may even spark some ideas and inspiration for what you are going to do during your spring clean! 

Another option is to follow a step-by-step guide blog. TikTok is also a great, quick and easy place to find ideas and guidelines for the details of your day. Just type in “Spring clean” and a whole host of inspiration will be laid out before your eyes.

8: Prepare- choose the right skip

If you’re wondering what skip will be best for your spring clean- check out this blog

So, good luck with your cleaning. For more information on how we can help you with your waste please contact us by:

Email: Info@m60skiphire.co.uk

Phone:  0161 764 2637

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