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  • What is skip hire?
  • What is the right size of skip for my needs?
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Annual deep cleaning or office clear-outs can leave you surprised with the amount of waste that you expected.

Dealing with all sorts of rubbish is a challenge, especially when dealing with large amounts of it. Many are often left overwhelmed by any waste in the household or office, even more so when there’s a lot.

Are you looking for ways to manage rubbish and any other type of waste? Get rid of it with the right kind of skip, perfect for the job.

Getting the right-sized skip is an essential part of cleaning stress-free.

What is Skip Hire?

Before delving into the nitty-gritty, you might be wondering, what is skip hire?

In the simplest terms, a skip or a skip bin is a large, open-topped rubbish bin designed to hold large quantities of items, most often waste. They are made to be loaded onto a special kind of lorry. Companies such as M60 Skip Hire provide services where you can hire them for a set amount of time.

Although used for rubbish, a skip can also transport anything from wood, tiles, furniture, paper, office supplies, and construction materials.

During any home projects and refurbishments, the production of waste is unavoidable. A skip is meant to make a person’s life easier by not having to go back and forth to dispose of unwanted items. Instead, you can load all the incurred rubbish into a big crate, and that’s that!

What is skip hire?

A skip is typically rented and can be for affordable prices. The price would depend on the amount of rubbish you would like to throw away and the service you choose.

Renters have the following sizes of skips at the ready when you need them:

  • 4 Yard Skip Hire
  • 6 Yard Skip Hire
  • 8 Yard Skip Hire
  • 10-40 Yard Skip Hire

What is the right kind of skip for me?

Be cost-effective by choosing the right-sized skip. By picking the right size, it saves you from a lot of hassle as well. Below are the typical situations where a skip might be needed, and the skip size recommended.

4 Yard Skip Hire

4-yard skips are typically the smallest size you can get. Equivalent to about 30 black refuse bags or 18 wheelbarrows.

They are an efficient way to dispose of domestic waste from the kitchen, bathroom, or garden renovations. This size is also recommended if you need a secondary skip when you cannot combine certain materials.

This is best for instances where there is little space, typically in gardens or driveways.

6 Yard Skip Hire

A 6-yard skip is one of the most requested.

It has enough space to accommodate 50-60 bin bags or 27 wheelbarrows and can handle the usual amount of waste in a household and even on building sites. Since this is the ideal skip size, any domestic project or refurbishment waste can be accommodated by a 6 yard skip.

8 Yard Skip hire

If you are trying to get rid of your oddly shaped couch, an 8-yard skip is perfect for that.

Usually used for commercial, industrial, and domestic clearing up, bulky waste that just doesn’t seem to fit in any of your bins and trucks will be tucked appropriately away on this skip. An

8-yard skip is highly recommended if you’re clearing out your entire household and if you’re undergoing any major renovations at work.

10-40 Yard Commercial Skip Hire

Are you running a large company or building a site? The 10-40 yard skip is the best for your commercial necessities.

This size is equivalent to 400 waste bags and can be enclosed or open. The best part? Liquids are not an issue when hiring this type of skip as they are usually sealed to avoid leakages.


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