The New Year is when many homeowners decide to embark on a major DIY project such as revamping the bathroom.

While putting in a new shower and sink system and retiling the walls may be top of your thoughts as we head into January, much of the initial work that needs to be done involves removing the old bathroom in preparation for the redesign.

It can be messy and time-consuming but one thing you do need is a good skip.

Renovating a Bathroom

While it’s usually a small space, a new bathroom can be challenging to design and build. The first thing you need to decide is what you are going to take out. There may be an old bath and sink unit that has seen better days. You might want to chip the tiles off the wall and replace the flooring. All this creates waste.

Clearing the space you have is critical and getting it done all in one go makes sense. The bathroom is a vital part of the home and not having somewhere to wash for a while can be challenging, especially if you have a large family. Planning your renovation so that the installation is ready to go once you have gutted the bathroom is critical.

It’s important to have your local skip hire in place from the moment you start work. This will ensure that you don’t have debris lying about the garden, making it unsafe. It also means, once you’ve finished the preparation, you can simply call up the local skip hire company to remove the waste.

Waste That Can Go in Your Skip

Most of the waste that you create taking out things from your bathroom should be suitable for a skip but it’s worth checking with your supplier first. Common waste includes the bath and shower, the flooring and the tiles off the walls. There may also be wood and glass, as well as old cabinets and central heating.

Which is the Best Size Skip for a Bathroom Renovation?

A lot depends on the size of your bathroom and the extent of your renovation. In most cases, for a smallish bathroom, a 4 ft skip should be more than suitable. If you have a larger bathroom, however, or want to use the skip to get rid of other items in the home, a 6 ft skip hire may well be better.

A small or medium size skip can usually fit easily in a front garden or on the roadside outside the property without taking up too much room.

When using any skip, it’s a good idea to think about how you are going to load it. For example, while a bath may be large, it’s also hollow which means that you can put things in it when placed in the skip. It’s worth talking with your skip hire contractor about how best to load up your waste so that it is safe for transport and the space is maximised during your project.

Find Skip Hire Near Me

A New Year bathroom renovation is one of the most popular home projects at this time of year. If you are ready to get going and need a Bury skip hire company, contact the team at M60 Skip Hire today to find out how we can help.


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