People often think that spring is the best time to give their garden a makeover.

Actually, it’s important to lay the groundwork early if you’re making major changes and the New Year is the perfect time to do this. The leaves have finished falling and there are no plants to damage as you make changes. It’s also easier to see how everything fits together as you begin to plan your new garden.

Whether you want to put down paving stones or create a patio for entertaining, it’s time to hire a skip and get the groundwork out of the way. This gives you a simple solution for disposing of your garden waste and is probably the most cost-effective solution.

Planning Your New Garden

Creating a new garden space takes time and effort but you can make a big difference by laying the groundwork well beforehand. For example, you might want to take up old paving stones in preparation for new ones. Maybe there’s an old brick shed in your backyard that is taking up too much space.

It’s important to start with good planning when revamping any garden space. That should include measuring the dimensions and creating a rough design of what you want to include. Our best advice is not just to look at the flat ground but how you can use areas like walls to create a very attractive space.

It’s amazing how you can transform an area of ground with just a few simple design choices and there are plenty of good examples to give you ideas on sites like Pinterest. You might want to build an area where you can lounge and catch the sun during the summer or build a patio so you can entertain friends and family. If you want to create an area that encourages wildlife, you may want to plan a wild garden or introduce a water feature.

Clearing your current garden space is best done when nothing much is going on and the late winter into spring is perfect for this. Areas that have been cleared can also be left without too much worry that loads of weeds are going to start growing. It also gives you the chance to call in a landscape gardener if you’re planning on employing one to design your space.

Why Choose a Mini Skip Hire?

For most small to medium-size gardens, mini skip hire should work quite well but a lot depends, of course, on how much debris and waste you are likely to cause by clearing your garden and the size of the space itself. If you are not sure, it’s important to liaise with your local Bury skip company and see what they think.

There are different sizes of skips available for hire. The most common are 4 or 6-yard skips that fit neatly into many front gardens or on the roadside outside the property. They hold a large amount of waste and can be used for bricks, paving stones, soil, and even old plants.

Skip Hire Near Me

If you live in or around Bury and are thinking about clearing out your garden, the first thing you will want to organise is a skip to hold all the waste and debris. At M60 Skip Hire we have more than 10 years of experience in helping homeowners get the right skip for a variety of projects.


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