Is your company moving offices soon? That’s a challenging task to achieve! With all the supplies, tech, gadgets, tables and chairs, carrying all these types of equipment can be a headache.

A bigger headache is all the waste that will pile up when you finally figure out which items you want to take and don’t want to take with you to your new office space. With that in mind, how are you to dispose of bulky, weirdly shaped furniture that doesn’t exactly fit in your typical garbage bin?

Here is how to do that and more with these simple techniques for a smooth moving process.

Techniques for moving to a new office space

A 4-yard skip hire is the smallest in volume out of the typical midi skip range. They are highly versatile in use and can be for domestic household use or even for commercial spaces. As one of the most popular sizes for skip bins, 4-yard skips bring convenience and low costs.

Technique 1: Plan ahead

When moving an entire company office, there are no such things as “winging it. It’s vital to start planning to avoid mishaps that could end up costing your company more.

Manage and divvy up who is supposed to do what, when you need these done, and how they can accomplish them promptly. If a plan isn’t arranged, you will find yourself scrambling to do everything and leaving items behind.

You will need an estimate of the boxes you need, how many transportation vans your office requires, and a timeline of moving day.

Be sure to have the office’s blueprint on hand, so you don’t miss any spots. Imagine leaving an entire room behind!

Planning ahead also allows you to plan your budget wisely, even leaving room for possible damages and unavoidable issues with transportation.

Technique 2: Appoint a point person for moving

The best method to make sure the plan is followed is to appoint a move manager that will be in charge of everything that goes on during the move.

They can have assistants and the like, but be sure to appoint someone that has experience in commercial relocations.

Technique 3: Find a good moving company

Do the research and find a moving company that has experience in commercial moves that are cost-effective but reliable. You can ask for highly recommended movers from other companies and be sure they are licensed.

You will also learn a thing or two about moving with a professional moving company, so be sure to take down notes!

Technique 4: Dispose of what you can dispose

Before even packing everything in boxes and vans, dispose of the items you don’t need in the new office to save space and money.

You can give them to employees, donate, or even dispose of them entirely.

If you do plan on disposing of bulky office furniture and many small items, it would be best to get a skip for hire so you can just pile everything in a container and get it picked up for disposal. With M60 Skip, you can avail of various sized skips that are suited to how much waste your office has.

Technique 5: Diligently label everything

All boxes look the same. If you don’t label your boxes, finding the right spot for everything in the new office will be an absolute nightmare.

So, be sure to pack your items per floor, per room, and per desk and label the boxes you see fit. This will save you a lot of trouble and time when unpacking comes around!

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