If you’re planning to build a new patio or completely overhaul your garden space, landscaping projects can cost a lot of money – especially if you don’t plan. Many underestimate landscaping, making it out to be a simple task to do within the day.

In reality, changing the look of your garden takes time, cash, and of course, accumulates a tonne of waste. And when that much waste is gained, where can you dispose of it?

Here are ways you can expect the unexpected (costs) and smoothly renovate your garden to your heart’s desire.

Develop a plan and grab a skip for hire

The best type of garden is the one that comes with a foolproof plan.

Gather all the tools, materials, contractor numbers, and more that you need for the project. One of the best ways to save up on space and money is to hire a skip to collect the unwanted items in your garden. Cost-efficiently pile disposables in the skip and have them hauled to the dumpster without batting an eye.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional skip for hire, visit us at M60 Skip for more information about the skip sizes we carry and how we can help you landscape smoothly.

Another plan you should have before starting is the design of your garden. What’s the focal point? How do you want the layout to look? Do you want shrubs? What kind of flowers were you thinking of putting?

Once all those are decided, lay out a plan using a pen and paper or those engrossed in the process, you might even use drafting software.

You can also call up a professional landscape artist to help you out.

Transform, don't rip out

Avoid having to start from scratch by surveying the current items your garden already has and enhancing it from there. It saves on time and money as well!

Transferring and refurbishing old garden parts can also help you work a lot less for a more beautiful-looking landscape.

Begin planting

Once everything has been planned out, it’s time to buy the seedlings and plant away.

Starting at your focal point, work from there to the outskirts of the design. Install the bigger plants first, and then move on to the finishing touches.

Be sure to have researched the specifics on planting each tree, shrub, and flower not to waste any resources.

Lay down sod & add mulch

For the traditional backyard, sod cannot be missed out on. It can grow well in sunny locations and can be installed on slopes. Sods are perfect for a picnic and other family fun activities.

The last thing you want is not to be able to enjoy your garden on a hot summer day. Be sure to add shaded areas and places to sit in as your family enjoys the view. You can consider installing a set of lawn chairs and tables, depending on your preferences.

You can even make a plant nursery for your children to take care of as a mini-project.

How can a skip for hire help you with garden landscaping?

With M60 Skip, you are able to maximise landscaping your garden without having to worry about the rubbish you need to dispose of.

We offer various types of skip sizes suited to how large your landscape project is. Simply schedule the skip to drop off, fill your skip, and we’ll come pick it up when it is ready.

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