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Where it’s general cleaning, office clearouts, or garden waste removal, one thing is for sure there will be a lot of waste involved!

Those that are undertaking significant renovations, landscaping, or simply want to get rid of unwanted items will find it difficult to cram everything into their garbage bins for regular pick-ups. A much heavier-duty solution is needed to get rid of that unwanted waste.

They are much more cost-effective and convenient as well. This is because skips can be hired! You can schedule a skip to come to your house or office, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. When it arrives, you can load it up to your heart’s content and have it picked up at the scheduled time. After that, you don’t have to worry about waste ever again!

You must be wondering, how much do skips for hire cost?

The cost for skips is dependent on the size, your location, and other additional charges. This article will break down the most common skip sizes for hire and how much they can amount to.

Skip Bins For Hire

Skip bins or skips are large-sized rubbish bins that let you put anything you want in them. From rubbish to office supplies to irregularly shaped furniture, there is a right-sized skip for your needs.

There is a wide range of volumes that skips for hire cost. Prices for skips also vary depending on additional fees such as the location of pick-up, additional labour costs, and demolition jobs.

A cost-effective way to remove waste is to choose the right skip. Here are typical skip sizes and their price ranges.

4-Yard Skip Hire

Best used for: Small demolition jobs for one room renovations in domestic spaces or households.

Volume: Approximately 40+ bin bags

Price range: £100-£250

6-Yard Skip Hire

Best used for Common household cleanouts and can be used for small building sites. This is the most common skip requested for hire.

Volume: Approximately 60+ bin bags

Price range: £120-£300

8-Yard Skip Hire

Best used for: Oddly shaped furniture, commercial, industrial, and domestic waste removal or any bulky items you need disposing of. This skip size is also great for significant household renovations.

Volume: Approximately 80+ bin bags

Price range: £160-£370

Additional costs for skips for hire

Usually, the cost of everything is included in the price of skip hires. These include demolition projects, garden waste removal, and extra labour costs.

Depending on the company your hire the skip from, additional costs could be £100-£2,500.

Other Concerns

You might need a council permit if you put your skip on public lands, such as the road in front of your home. The permit exists to regulate how many skips can be placed at a single time in public spaces. Fines could be charged to you if a permit is not secured.

Skips for hire with M60 Skip Hire

Trustworthy and professional skip for hire services with M60 Skip Hire is easier than ever. With professionals on board, we offer households, commercial businesses, and building sites an efficient way to remove unwanted waste.

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