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How much does it cost to hire a skip?

The cost of our skips depends on the type of skip and where it will be delivered to, but unlike most suppliers it doesn’t depend on the length of hire. Our typical rental period is 14 days, but there is no extra charge for early collection!

What does the price include?

The quote you will receive includes the hire of the skip, as well as delivery and collection, and professional handling of waste. It does not include any additional equipment, permits or subsequent charges that might be incurred.

Can I place my skip on a public road? Do I need a permit?

You can put your skip on a public road as long as you have a council permit. We can help with that as part of the booking process - all you need to do is let us know who your local council are!

What kind of waste can I put in the skip?

Mixed domestic: General household waste, including furniture, carpets but no mattresses

Mixed building: General domestic, building or commercial waste including light goods, but no white goods

Garden: Outdoor waste, including soil and clay

Light goods: Mixed domestic or commercial waste, including cardboard, plastic, paper, plaster, wood and glass

Heavy goods: Mixed domestic or commercial waste, including brick, concrete and hardcore

How much can I fill a skip?

The waste should be level with fill line on the skip. If it is filled above this level, there is a risk of it not being to be transported safely and excess charges may apply.