At M60 Skip Hire in Bury, we provide a range of different waste solutions for both homeowners and businesses across the region.

Any major project such as clearing a garden or renovating a home is likely to produce at least some waste. Managing this is critical and the easiest and most economical solution is to hire a skip.

For smaller jobs, mini skip hire can be ideal and means you don’t have to worry about finding space for the stuff you want to get rid of – your rubbish is placed in one, central container and this is then picked up and disposed of all in one go. No unnecessary trips down to the recycling yard or waste cluttering up the paths and garden.

Here are just 5 circumstances where a local skip hire company is going to be your ideal partner:

1. House Clearances

There are several reasons for a house clearance:

  • You’re a landlord and a tenant has left a mess behind.
  • You simply have too much stuff in your home and you want to create more space.
  • You’re moving home and are taking this opportunity for a clear out.
  • You’ve inherited a property and want to clear the furniture and other fixtures and fittings.

A house clearance can be a big undertaking and you need somewhere central to put all the waste. Hiring a skip is the easiest solution – it’s delivered to your property and collected once you’ve finished meaning there is a minimum hassle and less work for you to do.

2. Home Improvements

Whether it’s DIY or you’re getting the builders in, there’s no doubt that any home improvement can lead to a lot of waste.

You might be pulling up carpet and skirting board, replacing doors or revamping your bathroom. A local skip hire means you don’t have a problem getting rid of the waste or worry about what happens to it afterwards.

The great news is that mini skip hire is ideal for those smaller jobs such as redecorating a bedroom or living room. If you’re building something major like a new extension, there are larger size skips available that will be more appropriate.

3. Spring Gardening

Many people take to their gardens in the springtime, getting things ready for the summer. If you’ve got a lot of work to do, then hiring a skip in Bury makes perfect sense.

It can be used for clearing debris such as branches and grass cuttings, you can even put soil, clay and rock into your skip. For those planning a major landscaping change, a skip is ideal for getting rid of old paving stones, structures such as sheds and old walls and fences.

4. Office Move

It’s not just homeowners that could benefit from a quick and efficient skip hire in Bury. If your business is planning on moving office, you may want to take this opportunity to get rid of anything you no longer need. A large skip could be just the right solution.

5. Construction and Demolition Projects

You will certainly need to hire a skip in Bury when you are planning a major construction or demolition project. This could include anything from knocking down an old brick shed to building an extension. A skip gives you the option to store a large amount of waste in one place for easy collection.

What Skip Do I Choose?

It can be difficult to gauge what size of skip will fit your needs. The good news is that the team at M60 Skip Hire in Bury is always on hand to give sensible advice.

If you are planning a project in 2022 and require a skip hire service in Bury, then contact the experts at M60 Skip Hire today.


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